Video Game Hype Thread


I’m literally astounded every time someone brings up crystal chronicles as a game they like. I remember that game not being well received and the one time I remember playing it I don’t remember it being that great.


It was excellent if you played it in one long sitting with the same group of people start-to-finish.

There was no other way to enjoy that game.


Does banned in Australia just mean "use a VPN and change you Steam location setting” these days?


I don’t know if that works for banned stuff. Normally, it’s when you’re using a VPN to get around pricing differences that they’ll ban you, but usually only with serious pricing differences. You can still activate banned products, though, so just buy through an authorized non-steam seller - my usual go-to is Humble Store - and activate on steam. Or, y’know, don’t, because you’re not in Australia.

That said, I’m not so sure Cyberpunk will get banned. On one hand, We Happy Few was banned recently, on the other, Fallout 4 wasn’t(and didn’t even get the highest classification) which featured drug use with direct and clearly stated gameplay benefits, which is more analogous to how they’ll likely be used in Cyberpunk 2077. That’s kind of the problem with a system where the company selects what they’ll show, to a panel of randomly selected people from a pool of candidates - sometimes you get things with seemingly contradictory ratings.


When it was speculated I’d be moving to Australia for a few years (still possible) I quickly setup openvpn at my parents house here in the states. Theoretically I could just use that and get around everything. I’d assume anyway.


I’ve never bothered to use a VPN to buy stuff on steam for the above reason - it’s usually either the same price here nowdays, or I can get it elsewhere - but it should work.


It’s basically the same as a short D&D campaign. You need a fixed committed group to see it through entirely. It was an interesting idea that was ahead of its time - impractical with the technology of the day, but totally doable today.


Today there are many many such co-op games with campaigns we could play in this manner, but nobody ever does.


I havn’t had a ton of success doing co-op with people because I play at like… well… mmo-junkie speeds. Most of my friends are full on casuals.


Air hockey problem.


Crystal Chronicles did have that in-person couch vibe going on. You can replicate that to an extent with technology, but not completely, and I’m not sure if the gamestyle would be as compelling without that.


Well, the GBA private info part was the main thing that no other game has. Ever? Also, the bucket.

No reason someone couldn’t make something similar with phones Jackbox style.


Already exists, in my opinion it’s bad.


Just because one person executed something badly doesn’t mean the concept is bad.


Now we know what the game is going to be like. I’m kinda on board if they don’t have some evil monetization model (they probably will).


If it stays as cosmetics like they said I’m fine with it.


Slay the Spire with dice?


I love me some procedurally generated metroidvanias that have been in development a long time and have hopefully been heavily heavily polished.


Conspiracy X-Com with stealth elements? Sign me up!