Video Game Hype Thread

It really reminds me of:


Came here to post about that, really hyped about the environment play and the general aesthetic of it.

That looks awesome. I loved FTL. Watching that video really makes me wish Square/Enix would port Front Mission 3 to the PC or make another Front Mission game that’s actually good.

Newage Advanced Wars?

If the FTL guys want to make Advance Warses I will buy every single one of them.

Release date: when it’s finished

Yes! Wait, no! Wait, yes?

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Is 3 the best? I always wanted to try a Front Mission game but I never know which one get when they’re on sale.

In my limited, and in no way expert opinion, yes.

There are actually two different storylines in the game, and it plays like Final Fantasy Tactics with mechs.

From the creators of Rogue Legacy (which I still haven’t beaten).

If it’s from the creators of rogue legacy then it’s also from the creators of don’t poop yourself.

I’m all about this, Rogue Legacy grabbed me in a way few games have. Hopefully it won’t take long to see a PS4 port since that’s where I’d play it the most.

I was really into Rogue Legacy but some of the inconsistent bullshit with how enemy projectiles work really turned me off from that game.

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Use Your Words! is coming out in March. Pre-order it on Steam.

It’s here…

I Kickstarted that shit. Just got my key.

I am not sure if this game was previously announced but this basically looks like a new Advance Wars coming to the Nintendo Switch (and Xbox and PC). It is called War Groove and apart from being fantasy it looks like the exact mechanics of Advance Wars. It is buy Chucklefish which previously had a good record with Stardew Valley.

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I’m all sorts of hyped for Wargroove! I’ll be getting it as soon as it comes out on the Switch.

I wonder if that means that Starbound is also heading to the Switch h.


Quake Champions - is looking like it is going for the Classic Quake with a bit of Weapon’s factory/Overwatch added into it with is Champions system. It has sign ups going on for the Closed beta for anyone who has a good enough computer to play it.

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