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Bendis has been almost like the number one writer at Marvel for many years. Guess he wanted more money and a change of scenery.

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That’s pretty huge news. Love him or hate him, Brian Michael Bendis has had a huge impact on Marvel over the years.

Ever since Rebirth DC has done very little wrong with the following titles:

  • Batman: Tom King has brought a type of closure to Bruce Wayne, and his character development is rather surprising. I love his Batman run, and in my opinion it is as good or even better than Scott Snyder’s.
  • Action Comics: It shows that Superman can have a family, and also have engaging stories. My Superman might have died during Rebirth but this new has the best of Classic and New 52 Superman.
  • Mister Miracle: Tom King is really good at deconstructing an humanizing gods. It pays tribute to Jack Kirby, and its 4th World big time. If you enjoyed Tom King’s “Vision”. This one is a must.
  • Dark Nights Metal: Evil Batmen from a Negative Multiverse brings down the house. Fun, dark, and full for easter eggs. Scott Snyder at its best.

Many DC writers are excited to get to work with Bendis, hope they don’t do big events, and just let him do stand alone stories.

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Well, DC, color me surprised and intrigued…

Today I discovered there is a Marvel B-team (well, maybe Z-team) called the Great Lakes Avengers that lives in Milwaukee. Is this wiki page for real?

  • Mr. Immortal. Guess what his deal is.
  • Big Bertha: “ability to make herself superhumanly strong and durable (to the point of being bulletproof) by becoming extraordinarily obese […] can also leap great distances and purge most fat from her body through vomiting to take on a slimmer appearance”. Ouch.
  • Flatman: he’s, uh, really flat.
  • Doorman: “capable of teleporting someone anywhere, but with the limitation that it has to be in the next room” Pretty far from anywhere. Wait a minute - “He also gained intangibility, flight via skis that he can summon at will and the ability to collect the souls of the recently deceased” Skis? Harvesting souls? Guy is all over the place.

It’s like Poe’s law but for superheroes.

Yes it’s real. I have the comics because that’s where squirrel girl comes from.

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I’ve read GLA because of Squirrel Girl, and it’s super not worth it. Proceed directly to The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl.

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Fuck the Marvel. It appears they are pulling a somewhat similar move to the ArenaNet situation.

I highly doubt it was for being too political, if you follow other Marvel writers like Dan Slott and T. Coates and J Willow Wilson, they are all extremely political. I mean Coates is literally a Atlantic columnist and is like on the forefront of political conversations especially on race.

I am aware. There is no official reason. He suspects it wasn’t because he was too political, but because he was “not civil.” The point is, unless he actually did something horrible we don’t know about, it still seems not good.

Not really superhero related, but this is a surprisingly really good list of good Sci-Fi comics. Also, the website in general seems pretty good as well, and I’ll have to keep my eye on it for quality comic news and analysis:



It’s from the author of The Broken Earth Trilogy.


My moneys. They are taking it.

More information:

Far Sector

From the minds of multiple Hugo Award-winner N.K. Jemisin and artist Jamal Campbell comes Far Sector , a story about Sojourner “Jo” Mullein, the Green Lantern tasked with protecting the City Enduring, a sprawling megalopolis where billions of people all live in relative peace because the city’s residents have been made not to feel emotions. Jemisin described her as a “frontier sheriff,” apart from the Green Lantern Corps. With the absence of emotion, crime isn’t much of a problem Mullein has to deal with. But when feeling begins to return to the city, a whole host of challenges come along with it, and it’s up to Jo to take care of business.

In a Twitter thread, Jemisin explained that while Jo’s very much a Green Lantern, the uniqueness of her ring and outpost put her in a position none of her fellow Corps members can scarcely imagine. Despite being located on a Dyson swarm (a variation of a Dyson sphere), the City Enduring is something of a cosmic “frontier” with an epic history of its own involving colonialism.

From Gizmodo


Any word on how long this series will be? I assume an author of N.K. Jemisin’s stature won’t be doing an ongoing series and it’s going to be a limited series?

Nothing I’ve read so far indicates the length, though I’d also bet on it being limited.

What is the DC’s Young Animal label? Is it something like DC’s Vertigo?

It is similar. It uses old DC characters that no longer pop up in the main comics much, or new characters when none fit, to tell more experimental, adult focused stories than DC would typically attach to their comics canon. Doom Patrol is probably the most well known set of characters they’ve used so far in the imprint.

Edit: Did think about how popular Doom Patrol may be now due to the TV show. The second most well known character for a series they used in the imprint would probably be Shade, the Changing Man.


Jeff Lemire goodness in the new Humble Bundle.

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