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Oh those are some good comics!

$15 for all of descender is worth the price of admission

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That price is a REAL KILLER.

I guess it’s time to wrap up Descender. I don’t remember where I paused reading it, but it felt like it slowed way down.

I picked up the whole lot. Good stuff. I can now read Descender.

Is it just me or does there seem to be an ever growing divide between industry and indie creators? TV, videogames, comics, you name it seems to be having these mass closures and layoffs of the, shall we say, less profitable but cutting edge subsidiaries. There’s very famous industry vets from the Japanese gaming industry resorting to crowdfunding while at the same time AAA is getting bigger than ever. More and more writers/directors are seeking avenues outside the industry while at the same time shit like the Marvel EU is the biggest movie franchise in history. Is this plain greed? late-stage capitalism collapse? Both and more? All these consumer industries are getting bigger and bigger and yet they seem to be consolidating the actual people behind them by cutting more and more.

Damn it I’m buying/reading the Book of Magic Series by Vertigo right now.

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Sad news, but Vertigo has been a shell of it’s former self for a while now. I know they tried to revitalize it recently, but Image is the new Vertigo.

Vertigo died when Karen Berger left. They even moved a lot of its IP back to the DCU. Not sure why they even kept the imprint alive, just end it.

Meanwhile, Berger Books over at Dark Horse has not been living up to expectations. They have some good quality, but very very very low quantity. I feel like I’ve been waiting years for them to start shipping books on a regular basis.

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I’ve only been paying attention to Iga and Bloodstained, but even that Kickstarter success was just a fraction of the funds needed to make the game. I guess it literally kickstarted it?

Surprising noone. Why didn’t they do it sooner?

You know who’s famously apolitical? The guy who wrote Maus.

I wanna meet the person who thought that.

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House of X, and Powers of X are legit good stories. I highly recommend them.

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Yea I just finished issue 4 of House of X and Issue 3 of Powers of X it been really good. Just the work done with Moira was so well done.

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Those comics seem like Charles has finally given up pretending to have a moral high ground and instead showed he’s willing to do anything to empower mutantkind.