UK Political Clusterfuck 2017



May’s Theorem: Plan B = Plan A + Ctrl-C + Ctrl-V



I moved to Birmingham 4 and a half years ago. And where I lived the MP was Labour’s Jack Dromy. I’ve moved house about 20 minutes away and now my MP is Conservative Caroline Spelman.

The two of them worked together to table an amendment to prevent a no deal Brexit. It got cross party support and passed. That’s how you do it!

I don’t know all the ins and outs but that, along with the court ruling saying that article 50 can be revoked without permission means that the only options are May’s deal mark II (if she can get it through Europe) and remaining.


So the UK is pretty much fucked at this point.

There doesn’t seem to be any sign that there will be an extension/ reversal of art. 50. No sign of a vote on the deal. No customs union, no FOM.

I’ve lived in London my entire life, it’s changed so much since the vote, at this point if I could move to Berlin to live, I would.

There needs to be some better news…

The need for comic relief is strong.


At this point there’s going to be another global recession and it’s going to be because of idiots elected to office self-inflicting wounds to the economy.


And the cold war approaches its true end due solely to a series of own-goals.


It’s not hard to get someone to score own goals if they think the game was over a long time ago.


It’s even less hard when you pay them to score own goals, which may well be the case here.