Twitter appears to be down globally right now.

I wonder if it has anything to do with Twitter’s recent decision to suppress that fake disinformation campaign about Biden’s son.

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Looks like individual pages still work, and tweeting did 37 minutes ago.

I logged out and I get service errors if I try to re-authenticate. But, if I’m logged out and know the URL of a specific tweet or twitter user I can see the content just fine.

What if they never fix it, and somebody tweeted the last tweet ever.


That was quick.

Haha, it appears to be back

I’m searching for a tool / service that will analyze my twitter feed and rank the accounts I follow that are responsible for the most tweets, both from what that account tweets directly and the amount they RT others.

I need to prune my Twitter feed and move more accounts into dedicated lists that I can check when I want specific news and content. I could get a sense for which ones I should prune or move but I’m wondering if an analysis like this would reveal something I would not immediately intuit.

I don’t know of any such tool. I imagine you would have to write it by hand using the Twitter API. I have been pruning my feeds more and more, and I’ve always just done it by hand.