This Shit Just Got Real (Juggling)

Do you feel like they (or at least the good one) represent your interests better than the house agent?

Just been thinking about agents lately.

I don’t know what you mean by house agent.

Real estate agent. Since you were talking about them recently.

Of course not. The money is flowing in the opposite direction.

Inspired in no small part by this thread, last week I decided to attempt to learn some basic juggling. This is the video I’ve been using as a guide. I’m not sure if it’s the best one out there, but it seems to be working. I’m pleased with my progress because tonight I completed my first three-ball flash.

This is really hard. As in, legendarily hard.

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Come watch the live premier of the full Top 40 Jugglers of 2019 video, leading up to the reveal of the top ranked juggler, and join in the chat!

Starting in 1 hour! 17:30 central european time!

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New 11 ring world record. These ring records aren’t broken as often as ball records. I think it’s because ring juggling hurts too much. You’re putting a lot of energy into pretty blade-like objects. You don’t want to Oddjob your fingers off.

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Fifteen characters of Nice

So Last Year I shared a clip with the Passing Zone on Penn and Teller’s Fool us. @lukeburrage commented that they could do so much better.

Well now they were on the most recent episode and performed with Penn and Teller and…yea they did.

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One half of the Passing Zone is also a record setting hang glider pilot.

Seeing that guy do the super tiny loops made me wonder if there’s a record for most throws and catches in a minute or something.

Of course there is, and it’s totally lame.

Is there a class for regular juggling pattern? I don’t even know what words to google.