This Shit Just Got Real (Juggling)

From the old forum:

To kick of my favorite geekery ever, here’s the results video of the Top 40 Jugglers of 2016, compiled by yours truly:


A vlog in which I explain why Anthony Gatto was the best juggler of all time, and will probably be for a long time:

Seriously, he’s way ahead of everyone. In a random practice session he broke five world records. 17 years ago. And to this day he still holds all of those record.

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This happened at RIT recently

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There’s a Learn to Juggle class in my city that I’ve been going to since it started about 10 weeks ago. I’d like to be able to do a comfortable cascade but it still feels so far away.

I’ve managed to do about half of the practice exercises and blundered about with other exercises being unable to get it.

My coordination has improved and I can throw and catch better than I could before but damn it I’m frustrated. I’ve been hiding my frustration and pretending I’m oh so enlightened and cool enough to just accept I’ll get it when I get it. But just below the the surface there’s a fucking competitive little kid that says it’s been 10 weeks, there are people that get this far in an evening!

I know I should just relax and actually be the person is enlightened and cool enough to just let go of my expectations, persist and learn whatever I can. My bad attitude is the biggest barrier I have.

At least I can recognise it.

Anyone have any similar experiences?

I am a former world record holding juggler. It took me about 18 months to get a comfortable 3 ball cascade.

Sometimes it’s just good to know. Thank you.

Every now and again I encounter this person: “I can juggle, self taught myself one evening when I was bored. Don’t pay for lessons!”

So I have been attempting to juggle on and off for a while. and I have what appears to be a very common problem after 5 or so tosses. I start throwing the balls in front of me, I then have to walk then run to keep up then it all comes undone.

I’ve read a decent way to deal with this is force yourself to use bad form until the issue is corrected, by gluing your elbows to your sides and not letting them move. I’ll be trying this when I get another chance to try.


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12 balls for 20 catches. This shit is INSANE!

August 12th, Tom Whitfield becomes the first person in about 6 years to break one of Alex Barron’s juggling world records. Gets 10 balls for 31 catches (improving on Alex’s 30 catches):

August 20th, Alex reclaims the 10 ball world record with 33 catches:


I imagine the crazy state of flow that must exist in the mind of a juggler doing this.

So does Alex just wait for someone to beat his record, then turns around and re-ups it?

Kind of Usain Bolty. I like it.

It seems that way.

Anthony Gatto was the same before he retired from juggling. Someone broke his 6 club record, so the next week he posted a video of himself breaking it. Same with a few other records.

This is why the 8 ring record has stood since 1989!!! He set it at a public event when he was 16 or something… and nobody has ever come close since. Gatto could have broken it pretty much any time hew wanted, but he never had a reason to do so in terms of keeping or reclaiming the record:

In terms of 11 to 14 balls (I still can’t believe I can say 14 balls) Alex Barron is similarly far ahead of other jugglers at the moment. If someone equals or breaks a record, he can probably reclaim it at will.

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Alex Barron gets 33 catches with 11 balls. The record for 10 and 11 balls are now the same number of catches… which is just insane. Nobody else has a chance.


Why did he stop? It looked like he could have kept going and wasn’t in any kind of trouble.

No, two balls came down into his hand way too close to catch and throw the first one before the second landed. He stopped at the very limit of what was possible with the previous throws.

Ah, I see it now watching the video again. Thanks for pointing that out.

What I’ve been up to:


Top 40 Jugglers of 2017

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