This Shit Just Got Real (Juggling)

Juggling, but it’s with pizza.

As a juggler, I have a very strong reaction to him just discarding the dough when he’s done with it. Just dropping it from his back onto the floor, tossing it aside, chucking it into the audience. It breaks the essence of the prop, something which is so important to me in my own work and the sign of thoughtful work by other jugglers I like.

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Burrage style would be to actually turn it into a pizza - sauce, cheese, toppings, etc - and throw it into an oven.

You joke, but I bet you he could do shit with a Peel that would blow your damn mind.

I don’t know what a Peel is, but dude built an Inception rotating hallway in his living room - I’m sure he could work it out to make a pie in his act.

It’s one of those flat, wooden paddles that you use to get pizzas in and out of the oven.

Everyone who has been keeping up with this thread knows Alex Barron. Here’s a Wired documentary about numbers juggling featuring mostly him:


I hate to break it to you aspiring numbers jugglers, but no human will ever juggle 100 balls.

Juggling has notation. Of course there is juggling notation.

Space-time diagrams

You have my attention.

I like Luke’s notation slightly better it’s more practical.

A few weeks ago I won the EJC Fight Night Combat. It’s my 14th attempt, and I’ve been in the final 8 times.

Here are the top results over the years:

If you too work at something for 14 years, you too might finally get what you are aiming for. It also helps that the guy who has won it 10 out of the previous 13 years didn’t turn up. But hey, I’ll take what I can.

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I made a video about juggling record progressions, inspired partly by the Summoning Salt videos and partly by the roller coaster click-bait list videos. I’m super proud of the video, and I think you’ll enjoy it:


This is dope.
Fifteen characters of dope.

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Summoning Salts are good, but one thing I dislike is the pattern of, “and then Alice tried the same strat more, and lowered the record to x:18, and then got it down to x:15, and then x:11, and then x:10, and then…”

It takes a long time with Salt’s editing style, and I don’t need day-by-day record progression updates. Anyway, you didn’t do that! So thanks. Great video.

Check out my video comparing Battle Royale video games to the juggling battle game Three Club Combat! It’s really good.


You’re right. Your combat game IS a Battle Royale.

It’s world record time again! This record is significant because before this the seven ball record was longer than the six ball world record, which is a weird quirk of history and how different the patterns are to juggle a long time without mid air collisions.

Juggling + gymnast:

For the last month I’ve been trying to break records on YouTube live stream. I tried 4 balls, 3 clubs, and this week the 4 ball lift bounce record. In my 5th session, I got it! I’m back on the wikipedia page! Yay!