This is Google


HTC has made some awesome phones, but I know they were struggling for cash because they were a smaller company. I hope this works out for them.



Pixel 2 announced, phoned looked ok until can’t confirmed there is no headphone jack.

Pixel 1 still appears to be my next phone.


I continue to complain about the size of the phone.


I’m picking up a Pixel 2 anyways, since I’m starting to need a new phone. Guess I’m gonna have to find decent Bluetooth earbuds.


I also need a new phone. I don’t like the ridiculous nonsense I have to go through to find a modern phone in the size category I want.




Switching costs.


Those are consequences of making the wrong decision in the first place.


I chose the lark of finding a non apple phone in the correct form factor vs. the switching cost as my penance.


I have considered the switch but my disdain of iTunes is too much


iTunes is fine.

But also, iTunes is basically completely out of the picture now. I haven’t used it to sync in years. Just now, they removed the app store from it.

The only thing I use iTunes for is making backups of my phone to my own personal storage. The phone can back itself up to iCloud storage.


I don’t iTunes, I use Google Music and Pandora.


Still not big enough… I want Google to make a 6" plus phone…


The pedant in me says you want a tablet that functions as a calling device.


The pedant is correct. I have a Pixel XL which I love but if it was a half inch bigger or even a bit more I would love it more.


Just buy a tablet that takes a sim card. That’s the correct solution for your use case.


Oh it totally is. I just like Google’s devices. When the time comes to upgrade I’ll have to see what’s out there.


Weird thing is, I wonder if I’m making a mistake with the wanting a small phone. I have gigantic hands. In fact, one sec let me prove that:

Despite that I think my Galaxy S5 is too big. I cannot comfortably reach the entire screen with my thumb without readjusting my grip. I need something smaller. Doesn’t have to be the smallest phone in the universe. But smaller than a Galaxy S5


Our hands are of comparable size. I have an iPhone SE. Pop into an Apple Store and play with the phones?