This is Google


SE is best iPhone.


Since iPhone X costs a fortune and 8 is no good, I might be getting an SE in 2019.


Curious, why is the 8 no good? I was considering it for purchase since the X cost so many $$$s.


It’s no good considering I already have an iPhone 7. It’s superior, but insignificantly so. I have the iPhone upgrade plan, so I could get just an iPhone 8 right now if I wanted to. My monthly payment would increase, but for what benefit?

If your current phone is poop, then the 8 isn’t bad. But wait a few months, and early next year the iPhone SE will get its scheduled update. Might be a better move?


I always two hand my phone if I am doing anything other than a quick glance at a text message or hitting skip on a podcast or music. If I am typing or browsing the internet or playing a game I’m holding it in my left hand and manipulating the screen with my right hand. I’ve always done this even when I had a dumb phone.


Will get its scheduled 3.5mm jack removal, you mean.


And a camera upgrade, too!


Has the SE ever been updated?


Yes. It was originally the 5C in 2013/14. The. The SE replaced it in early 2016. The SE was updated slightly in early 2017. I expect another SE update in early 2018.


I really wish the best camera was in the smallest phone, but that never seems to be the case with iPhones or flagship Android phones. The iPhone 8+ camera looks AMAZING. Put that in the SE or the 8!


YouTube Red is useless now.


I use it to get rid of ads, not to watch exclusive content.


Same here also YouTube music too.


Yeah I only use it so I can stream and listen to videos without having the app up on my phone. Also ad free is nice.

Also when it comes to phone size, large phones and tablets are not the same. 6"-ish phones like the Note are still things you can hold and use as a phone device and transport in a small bag or on your person. Can you stuff an actual tablet in your Levis? If your idea of a purse is not a 12lb duffelbag, is the tablet going to fit comfortably? No, the answer is no. A Note or similar is not actually a big problem.

I go back and handle something like the iPhone4 I used to have and it’s crazy how tiny that shit is.


A Note is too big to fit in the pockets of any pants I own.


Any type of tablet is not fitting into almost anyone’s pants, while a Note or other 6"ish phone can fit many people’s pants.

Bags maybe even more liberating in terms of size, sure, but a 6" can still be one-handed for calls or basic texting while anything 7" or more is starting to leave that realm for anyone who isn’t Andre the Giant or his Posse.

Of course if someone finds that a 7" or 10" tablet is the best device for their go-to mobile device for daily use, I mean sure. Maybe a little drop holster or just a purse-type carry bag, or a fanny pack that can handle an iPad mini. But it requires in all cases special consideration for transport. A 6" device for many people will fit just fine, if a little snugly, in the common smart phone transportation schemes society has figured out so far.


Lol. Pockets.

What are those?


In khakis I could probably fit my TI-84 in one pocket and my Kindle in the other. I don’t know why I would, but I could. I love guy pants.



I have never seen that before. Persisted for several reloads. I’ve probably done hundreds of thousands of Googles in my life, I can’t remember one ever failing.


Basically they’re rolling out a version of google accounts that makes dedicated hardware 2 factor mandatory, and doesn’t allow non google apps/services to access any of your business. Also seems like they’re investing a bit in actual support to help you go through the mountain of hoops you have to jump through if you lose either of your hardware 2 factor devices. Probably good for some people.