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“This video is unsupported.”


It plays for me. What device/application are you using?


I tried it on three different browsers (Edge, Firefox, Chrome). All the same result.


Weird. I’m on Chrome Win10 and it’s working fine.






Blogpost with update on Youtube blocking our videos. Looks like we are forced to accept advertisement now.… #b3d


WTF. There must be more to this story.


One thing I know is that you can not embed your own advertisements into youtube videos in many circumstances unless you follow very explicit rules around it. That’s a core violation of their TOS.


You definitely did not read the story at all.

Also, I see a LOT of YouTube videos that include advertisements for sponsors and such, and they are definitely not taken down, even if they violate the rules as written.

“This video brought to you buy X!” followed by 30+ seconds of promoting X that I have to skip to get to the rest of the video.


I did read the story, it basically boils down to: Blender had no ads and eventually grew to the point where they started losing privileges because of this (videos appearing in the united states) eventually they had their channel “go black”

I can extrapolate from that, that if you have no ads and grow to a certain size, official policy isn’t friendly.


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