Things of Your Day


I have a couple crappy knives that I dishwasher, and nicer knives that I don’t.


Because you can never fire enough Nerf balls at someone…


How the fuck do you cut anything properly?



I just channel my ki.

I’m not even sure if these knives are meant to be sharpened… they all have a rough sort of tiny serrated edge that I imagine would come off pretty quickly.


Using a serrated knife is only the second of your sins.


To All: here is what you need to know about knives

Series 1:

Series 2:

That is all the knife videos you need. Also Alex is an awesome cooking channel too.


That is so much more than I need to know about knives.


See, as much as I appreciate his bluetooth based sharpening helper, I can’t help but think it’s cheaper and easier to just use a jig.



The best part of E3 last year, the behind the scenes.



For the next time you are going to Vegas, here is a show you need to see.


I found out today that a rubber mallet will remove a computer lock off a desktop in a short amount of time.





Warning: Massive Earworm

Bonus: A Youtuber (from Shut up and Sit Down) talks to 8-11 year olds about how to be a YouTuber. I recommend passing this to a young child if they are interested in this subject.


Say, didn’t CGP Grey make a video about this years ago?