Things of Your Day




Arguably more broken than the original card.



Sound required.


This one’s not exactly a happy thing, but it’s probably the most important thing on the internet for me right now: . Luticha Doucette is an activist, civil servant, and an amazing person in addition to being my girlfriend. I’d be glad if anyone here can help out.

In another wonderful example of our medical system, the only help provided to a person with a disability is inside their own home. No help with mobility assistance above the bare minimum.



There are now 2 awesome things on Malloy’s desk The national vote compact, and a requirement for holocaust and more generally genocide education.

I don’t know why there’s so much hate for Malloy. I love the guy. I’ve liked him ever since I shook his hand when I was like 8 and he was just the Mayor of Stamford and attending my immigration ceremony.


Half coordinated (agdq runner that uses 1 hand to play games) speedran Yakuza 6 in less than 3 hours. On the hardest difficulty. With no practice outside of a casual run.







Guys had a Camel Up tournament, played by bots, is fun enough to read.