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This is an absolutely fascinating article about the language we use around self-driving cars, and the possible impacts of it.


Damnit, he doesn’t explain his new word inthe article.

Personally I’ve thought about the problem more from a statistical point of view, inspired partly by the numbers bandied about by Foogle and Tesla.

The two measures are how far/long a car can drive without direction or intervention from a human, either from a parked position back to a parked position, or already moving on a highway. This number is then divided by the time/distance of an average journey, to give a percentage.

And it isn’t the duration until someone dies (like the Tesla’s claim about safety) but until someone would die/crash if a human wasn’t present.

So a traditional car would be 0% from parked and 0.01% while moving.

Cars with cruise control would be 0% and 0.1%.

Cruise control with collision detection and lane tracking? 0% and 10%.

A car that can also unpark itself and parallel park? 2% and 10%.

That’s about the level of Tesla at the moment. You can maybe do 12% of a typical trip “autonomously” but a human is required 88% of the time. Of course, it’s not clear which 88% of the time, except for the 2% that is in your driveway.

Only when a car reaches 100% from parking or 100% from driving could a car company claim autonomous or self-driving.


The latest episode of Honest Trailers was written by Botnik’s AI.



Here are some good ones:

Need more cute ones though.


Roses are Red,
Willie Nelson smokes pot,



The Wandering Inn is a webserial that does the “transported to a fantasy/game/etc.” premise, and is actually entertaining and enjoyable to read. The main point-of-view characters from “our” world, Erin and Ryoka, don’t become epic heroes or go on adventures–one becomes an innkeeper and the other a postwoman. Their conflicts are interpersonal, about surviving in a world they know nothing about, or are a consequence of something they did.

The two main selling points for me are the cast of characters and the world-building. The author has created an amazing cast. Some are one-note, but the majority are fully realized with a wide variety of backgrounds, personalities, and ambitions. The world is equally rich. The author has put in an incredible amount of creativity and imagination in developing the races, the history, the rules of this world, and everything else.

The story does have its share of flaws: volume 3 and 4 in particular have points where the plot drags and lacks direction, and there are points in the entire story that are too exposition heavy for my tastes. That said, the sum of Wandering Inn’s parts outweighs its problems. It was an absolute joy to read, and I highly recommend it if you have the time.


I finally found an explanation as to what the “common core” math is.



I use that in my nerd music panel, now its relevant again. Everything old is new again.


The only math that matters


It’s that time…


I’m not sure how my school taught subtraction because my dad played me that song before I was learning basic subtraction, so I learned subtraction mostly by memorizing the technique used in that song. I also learned alternate bases along the way, which I was disappointed to learn never fucking come up in elementary or high school curriculum.


Screenshots of classic DOS malware:


It’s free, open source, and cross-platform.


I took a weld test tuesday to transfer my title from Weld Specialist to Welder (sounds backwards sort of, I know), and found out today that I passed it. Along with a layout (blueprint) knowledge test I took previously, they combine to a significant raise (+$3.15/hour) without any extra responsibility. Here is a video of what my weld test basically was.
2G Spray arc MIG



I feel great kinship with this fictional robot.


Local elections were yesterday.

My brother was looking to make a difference by canvassing for one of the smaller parties and they won! I reckon he made a difference because my hometown isn’t otherwise like that!

Where I live the Green candidate beat the existing Conservative councillor although they still retain a local majority.