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I thought the animation looks familiar. These guys also do adorable little shorts on the different DOTA heroes.




Really interesting article that gets at a profound truth concerning how men interact with each other:

“In America in particular, if a young man attempts gentle platonic contact with another young man, he faces a very real risk of homophobic backlash either by that person or by those who witness the contact. This is, in part, because we frame all contact by men as being intentionally sexual until proven otherwise. Couple this with the homophobia that runs rampant in our culture, and you get a recipe for increased touch isolation that damages the lives of the vast majority of men.”


Except in other countries there is TONS of male-male touching going on, yet still plenty of homophobia there as well.


It’s not just homophobia though I’m sure that’s the major reason. I generally don’t like other men I don’t know well touching me at all for fear of violence because that’s what male touch meant as a kid. Not abuse but bullying by peers, which I suppose is still abuse.


True, but the article is only talking about male-male touching in an American context. And here, male-male touching IS associated with homophobia.

Good point, and the article kind of touches on this, at least I think it does, when it talks about how “By the time they are approaching puberty, many boys have learned to touch only in aggressive ways through rough housing or team sports.” While the article doesn’t specifically address bullying, I would consider that falling into this same category of “aggressive” male-male touching.

Regardless, I thought the article was a good starting point for thinking about how men interact with each other in America, and the implications that has for them, and the women around them.


My point is that while homophobia may be one of the causes of lack of touching, more touching is not somehow a cure for homophobia.


I don’t think that’s the argument for more touching.


I don’t think anyone is making that argument. If anything the author is saying that if we get rid of homophobia, that would allow men to touch each other again without fear of stigmatization.


Not saying we shouldn’t get rid of homophobia. Kill it with fire.

That being said, how come men in other homophobic countries touch each other without this stigmatization?


No idea, but that’s a good question.

The article doesn’t go into why America is different in that way, but I think the author left us a clue as to why we’re different:

“A society steeped in a generations old puritanical mistrust of physical pleasure have created an isolating trap in which American men can go for days or weeks at a time without touching another human being.”

I’m far from an expert, and I freely admit that I could be talking out of my ass, but America’s puritan past could be the “X Factor” as to why men don’t touch each other.


I feel like the validity of that theory relies heavily on similarities with England, where they even had a Puritan theocracy at one point, as well as Calvinist Europe. I don’t know if those similarities exist but if they do that would strengthen your theory.


I don’t know either. Maybe this has already been done before and all I need to do is google it, but I think it would be interesting if someone did an sociological study/examination about why America is so different when it comes to male-male touching.


Exploding brain thing of the day: the top comment on the video. Jesus Christ.


For what it’s worth, I think she pinned it to the top. I don’t think it got there on it’s own. Still brain-explody


The entire time I am watching this all I could look at was the giant stuffed porg.


Elon Musk wants to start a new comedy publication.