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My TotD is this

They’re responding to this.

Which riffs on their original track.



Not a thing of today, as I watched it a week or so ago.

I’m sharing this because it is the first time I’ve got anywhere close to understanding how curvature of space has anything to do with gravity and time. I’ve seen all the diagrams before, and all the other experiments and explanations,but this is the first time it clicked with me.

And that’s even with understanding the consequences of it, in terms of science and science fiction situations. It’s weird that I can have absorbed a concept into my life for so long, but not really get it. Of course I still don’t really get it, but I get it more than before.


I never heard of Flobots before. Apparently they were/are relatively big but I never came into contact with them. However, after finding out about this curfuffle I bought their album “Fight with Tools” and I really like it. Kind of fills the void Optimus Rhyme left in my music taste, and adds an additional dimension of political lyrics. You got any more of this style of hip-hop with actually instrumented indie rock amalgams?


The first OK Go video where the music is as good as the video:

Normally I think the video is good but the music forgettable, but this is a solid track!


Yeah. This is one of their songs I’d listen to on my phone or while I’m working: not just while I’m watching it.





Warning: contains cheese


Check out Jim Davis’ hilariously awful PSA.



The latest subject from Extra History is the Christmas Truce during WWI. Today’s episode consists of soldiers who wrote letters to their loved ones while in the trenches.


Man I meant to write something about that for the History thread and just didn’t get around to it.




Fan-made timelapse construction of the Death Star:


Other than aesthetics is there really a reason for the death star to be a sphere? It probably could have been more efficient to make it as a cylinder.


Aesthetics and intimidation factor shouldn’t be overlooked though. The power of the Death Star isn’t just its ability to destroy entire planets, but it’s also the fear it produces in people in order to keep them in line.

The Empire in general uses this to its advantage in most of its ship designs. From Star Destroyers down to individual TIE fighters, the Empire uses intimidation and fear just as much as raw firepower.


Cylinders are scary.