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The LCG element is legit, and I have been in the community going over the early stages of competitive play. The app helps you make the deck legal and 2018 should see it come out of the woodwork. I’ll bring it to MAGFest if you want to check it out there.


digging up the thing I did for the other thread lead me down a rabbit hole and well, here we are:



Grey’s future of Automation Apocalypse is so cute.

I can’t wait for these cute little shits to do what i do only better.

And that’s with no sarcasm. Truly, bring it on!


Are you ready to die with your hammer in your hand?


The makers of Funko Pop have acquired Evil Corp.

Insert your own joke here.



I hope it’s not just a parody.


No? I mean, it’s an actual movie, with a plot that isn’t just making fun of the other Ocean movies. It’s got Linus and Saul in, and I’m almost willing to bet that George Clooney will make a surprise cameo because they’re literally putting his tomb right in the teaser trailer but with no other context.


At one point, Sandra Bullock’s character says that “something” is in her family’s DNA. I have no idea, but is her character related to Clooney’s Danny Ocean? That would make a lot of sense if she was.


Yeah, that was not a good joke to include in the trailer without explanation - She’s Danny Ocean’s sister, Debbie Ocean.


Ah, that makes a lot more sense now. And opens up the possibility for all kinds of cameos.


R u b b e r h o s e w a v e


AWKWAFINA! Yusssssss!


It appears YouTube is getting into the crowd funding game… (Click the sponsor link on the main channel)


Where? I don’t see one.


This feature already existed but it was rolled back. It feels like this is their second try and, right now, it’s only available to gaming channels.


Bonus for Witcher 3 and Homebrew fans.


So I picked up Dropmix(Best Buy had it for $50) and I am sort of torn on the game.

On the one hand, the core game is basically 90% RNG. It is possible that having a critical mass of FX cards from the expansions will allow for ginuwine choices during deck construction, but the core of the game doesn’t appear to have enough depth to let you really get invested in it.

On the other hand, this game is a goddamn super weapon as far as spectacle is concerned. You can teach the game in about 4 minutes and having this thing play what is almost guaranteed to be an interesting mix in any sort of play is going to get a crowd around your table super quick.

I feel like the entire experience makes it worth having, especially because you can switch it to freeplay and screw around, but I really hope to see another pass at the mechanical aspect of this game to bring it up to the level of the style involved.


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