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So I just got engaged, holy crap.





So apparently a bunch of people raced a train today.



Give me way more of Then and burn the Now.


A whole short drawn in that style would be amazing.


Watch Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju then.



Can’t wait!


EDIT: A sequel video was posted just this morning.


This deserves to be in this thread:


Braun is my favorite thing in Wrestling. This video needs no context.


As I was packing up my recorder and notebook, I had called him the “geek judge,” only for him to look perplexed and ask, “Is that a good thing?”

When I insist that it is, he chuckles a little in response. “In my day, a geek was not something you wanted to be.”


"Cornell University’s McGraw Tower is 137 feet tall. It’s visible for miles, and most days, its 21 chimes ring out morning, afternoon, and evening. It’s a campus touchstone, one that community members use to meet up with friends, give people directions, and generally anchor themselves.

So on October 8, 1997, as students walked to their Wednesday morning classes, it’s fair to say they were surprised to discover that their beloved landmark had grown an appendage. “One day, there was this thing at the top of the tower,” remembers Oliver Habicht, at the time a recent graduate working for the university IT department. It was way up at the top, impaled on the spire. It was round, and about the size of a beach ball. Was it… was it a pumpkin?

It was."


Got back into Doc Brown after listening to his interview on the Scrubious Pip podcast, recommendation coming, man this dude kills it. Rap, comedy, kids story books and a bit of politics dude is amazing.


He also sits in for Simon Mayo in the BBC Radio 5 movie program/podcast when the main hosts are away. Turns out he’s a REALLY good radio host too. It’s kinda annoying how good someone can be at so many things.


Didn’t know he was on the Radio will have to check him out! He seems like a really great dude who is committed to being true to himself. Its a great interview with him on the distraction pieces podcast.