Things of Your Day


This show: But he’s just a fill-in host. I’m not sure if he has a regular show of his own.


Of direct interest to @Rym and @Apreche : The Overwatch League Team names, ranked best to worst.


I was going to pull some random quotes from this but there are too many to choose from.


To the NYC crowd awesome concert is in your area and a new album will be dropped.




Delightful data enrichment


70s Sci-Fi Art



I don’t know the guy or what’s going on, but it’s always hard to move cross country. Good for him. Good luck.


OK, watched a couple other videos, then saw his comments a while later pointing out his mistakes. I love this guy.


Led Zeppelin meets Biggie Smalls



Warning: this is more of a HOLY SHIT WTF moment and will warn you it is REALLY dark.


It’s not super clear why people are losing their shit over this. Once you accept YouTube Kids’ filtering is bullshit, the rest follows. When it’s cheap to autogenerate video and there’s a financial incentive for having videos seen, it all makes sense. If you make a video inappropriate for kids and kids see it, it’s going to be sought out and watched further.





I saw that today also. Why did I miss it two years ago?


Questing for glories with great commentary and hilarious ending.


Helium ey