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Those videos inspired this music video pretty directly:






I’ve seen Apollo Robbins on tv a couple of times. He’s a pickpocket magician. Here he explains how a few of his tricks work.




This is too good to pigeonhole it into the Wrestling thread:


Point and Clickbait: Still the fucking best.



Now plug this brain into real robot legs.


This looks like a direct reply to the “Time For Sushi” video.




Calibri may have exposed corruption in Pakistan.


So Fool Us is back on the air, and for it being the only reality based tv show I watch it started out with a bang.

All the episodes are free online (well seasons 2-4) on the website

Bonus: the answer to this question


I’m on a dog video kick, apparently.


Maybe a thing of the day?

This guy will be at our house today. He’s the mayor of where I live. Unexpected. We’re throwing a party. It’s a bit strange as the hosts and him are on opposite ends of the political spectrum. I guess we won’t be discussing politics.


Whenever I see one of these clever Pyramids theories, I think, okay they had methods of maintaining design integrity but mostly, importantly, slaves. Thousands of slaves. Not possible without slaves. Block stuck? Sacrifice a slave.

What ancient problem can’t be solved without sacrificing slaves?


As far as I’ve read, most of the work was done by highly skilled and well-paid craftspeople. Masses of slaves being whipped into building the pyramids is just a misconception.