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I have also read that outside of the Old Testament/Torah, there is no actual evidence of Jewish enslavement in Egypt.


My thing of the day:

My reaction:

My favorite men are women. ;-D


¯_(ツ)_/¯ Well, shut my mouth.


Can’t really think of a better place on here to put it, so gonna put it here.

Hamilton was SO GOOD YOU GUYS.


I wish I’d seen it before it started to disgust me. It’s so totally whitewashed that I’d probably scream through any performance of it I watched.




Cool idea for nesting chairs together:


This might only be funny to me and I was there, but this parody of Richard Thompson’s “Vincent Black Lightning 1952” was fucking amazing.


This has cured all my feeling of melancholy today.


On Hey Scoops right now Penn Jillette is killing it with an amazing story. If you have a moment hop on their twitch heyscoops


This Youtube channel.


Gonna lean myself out the window here a little bit, but in the wake of watching Moana/Vaiana yesterday I also watche two youtube videos exploring Disney, music featured in their movies, and Cultural Appropriation (gasp).

I should warn that the second video starts with major plot spoilers to Moana (and Pocahontas for that matter), though you should watch that movie. It’s really good.


That is an unofficial channel for it. According to an interview with him on the lunduke hour the offical release of the episodes are on


My follow up to my prior TotD.



You Make It, We Skate It

These guys will make a skateboard out of literally any material. Lego? Glass? Origami? Why not?




The “video game” Hareraiser and the story surrounding it is really interesting.
Here’s Ashens giving a 30 minute presentation of the whole thing:


A dramatic reading of “Nerd Porn Auteur,” by Ernest Cline, definitely Not Creepy Guy.