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This is a hilarious review of Eromanga Sensei. Call me crazy but I don’t think he enjoyed this anime. (Its by the same guy who made the hilarious video, “Your Waifu doesnt love you”.


I’ve read some fucked up shit, but Eromanga Sensei crosses that weird combination barrier of incest, pedophilia and bizarre, contrived excuses that it just makes me fucking uncomfortable. And while I don’t recognize your username, so you might not know my reading habits, but that’s some serious shit.


Churba. Off the top of my head, your reading habbits seem to be mostly news and other really informative stuff (based mostly off my interactions with you here over the last few years (mostly uber and politics)). I have no idea what you read in your spare time.


Well, I was re-reading Dusk in Kalevia(an extraordinary rarity, I almost never re-read novels, but it’s real fucking good), but since I’m off for a funeral(Nobody I knew well, but one I’m obligated to show for), and forgot my kindle on my nightstand like a tit, tonight’s going to be a foray into a highly suspect Clive Cussler novel that I found buried in the back of a linen closet. (Plauge ship, for the record.) I read pretty much anything, but mostly fiction. I read enough non-fiction, current affairs, history and biographies for work, so when it comes to reading for pleasure, it’s almost all fiction, but I do read a hell of a lot.

But that’s not quite what I meant - when it comes to manga specifically, I’m the equivalent of that reprocessing plant in japan that produces much of their gold output - like said sewage plant, I take in a vast quantity of shit and burn it down to find the gold in it. If it’s mad, bad, and dangerous to read, I’m usually first in like going “Please sir, may I have some more?”

I do read plenty of good stuff too, but considering it’s not unheard of to smash through an entire 17-20 volume series in a night, if I’m not doing much - that’s literally exactly how I read all of Black Jack, much of it while chatting to nineless(old forum lad, you might not know him) over skype - you need a greater volume of fuel for the fire. And considering the average level of quality of what gets scanslated and translated officially, you run out of good manga quick, so I just read everything and find something worth liking, or at least talking about, in most of it.


Eromanga-sensei is the reason I don’t out myself as an Anime fan without at least some cursory knowledge of what the other party is into.



But in football the appeal is in the metagame as much as the game, no? The NFL is more like professional League of Legends than like a Twitch streamer.


The appeal is the commentary being funny, educational, or otherwise entertaining, same as watching sports. Watching a feed of a football game would be far less interesting without the commentary. No one wants to watch Joe Shmo play a single player game in silence, they want the Super Best Friends or Markiplier making jokes and cutting up or giving background information.


It’s the same author who made such other atrocities as Oreimo: My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute.


We know very different football fans. I know a lot of people who mute the game because the commentary is so trash.


It depends on who’s doing the commentary. If it’s a local game, we’ll usually mute the TV and turn on the radio because it’s that much better.


I know those people too, they rather listen to the local radio feed then anything from Phil Simms.

Edit: I wonder why the comic is so compressed?


Honestly I thought most of OreImo wasn’t that bad. It wasn’t really incesty until the very end and until then it was mostly a comedy designed to make older brothers feel good about being older brothers. Maybe I just related a little as someone with a secretly-weeby little sister.


All hail Lord Buckethead!



GE is selling its lightbulb business.

Damn. This was the product that put the company on the map. They killed the kerosene lamp and modernized the world in the late 1800s. It’s hard to believe they’re letting it go.


Fuck, I love battlebots. It’s that right intersection of tech, manufacturing, and brutality that I just can’t resist.


Yeah, but I’m just sick of Tombstone winning. Someone needs to take that smug fucker down.


Quick someone call Adam Savage to reclaim the throne.