Things of Your Day


Check out this album of a sweet Snow Speeder (my all time favorite spaceship) someone built out of cardboard for their daughter!

(I know, TECHNICALLY speeders aren’t space ships because they’re not capable traveling outside a planet’s atmosphere).


I don’t need a 2 hour video to tell me a garbage show is garbage.

All I needed was an episode or two of bad writing with good actors doing what they can with a bad script.


I used to be WAY into Sherlock when the first couple seasons came out. I tried to revisit them when I saw the 4th season was on Netflix, and ah man was that rough! I am no longer 18, and now know better. Also Hannibal hits on enough of the same notes, but is so much better of a show that I found myself just wanting to rewatch that instead.


Same, except I haven’t revisited it yet and am kind of afraid to.


I have a rule that if people talk about the fandom more than the show I don’t watch the show, and that ruled out Sherlock immediately.


I would just keep your fond memories, that’s what I refer to as the Water World solution: as long a I never revisit it, it will always be as rad as I thought bit was when I was 8.


Good ol’ Hbomberguy providing that video essay deliciousness. I never saw Sherlock but I think the video is good to anyone curious about how it was a huge phenomenon during Season 1/2, on shaky, divisive ground in Season 3, and completely fudged up in Season 4. We’re talking fanfiction levels of ass-pulled backstory and tragedy around there. Moffat is a strange dude.



I really enjoyed the first episode of Sherlock, but then the second episode broke what I liked about the first episode, then I’m not sure if we ever got to the end of season 1, which was one more episode.

Anyway, I’m now certainly not going to watch 2 hours of why it failed for other people :confused:


Damn they made some serious progress.




Just needs cowboy bebop


I got scolded by my boss because of this video, it send me into a hysterical fit of laughter in the break room. :sweat:





Oh man! The one thing my home town is known for besides the Basketball Hall of Fame.


I got my bike back from being stolen a second time today. It seems a bit fucked up this time though, so I hope it’s not a bunch to get it repaired. They put a shitty tire on the back and everything is dirty in a way it wasn’t before.


By the way the whole reason I even knew it got listed on a seller site is because emailed me the link. I’m going to donate to them and I would encourage others to support them and use their services if you’re in need.


For the “it’s always sunny fans”.