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Going to steal this from TalkinBaseball_ on Twitter, but this is just hilarious:

MLB announces Tucupita Marcano has been banned from baseball

He bet on 25 Pittsburgh Pirates games while he was assigned to the team, but he was injured during all of them and lost all those bets

He gambled more than $150K on baseball and won just 4.3 percent of his MLB bets

He did the betting, but not the fixing. Not very smart.

Betting on yourself could theoretically be ethical, but betting against yourself is always unethical.

What if a pro sport had ante built in? Every player has to ante half their salary for the game. Winners take the pot.

Players will play their hardest every game. And also lots of violence from losers.

I know several people in this forum will love this:

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Do you want your flickr account to be recorded for the rest of history?

Get the Library of Congress to archive your account!

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Four years ago, James Lee made this glorious animation:

Now that Adobe is in hot water, he made a sequel.

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