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Getting Over it almost a direct rip of Sexy Hiking so it would be unfair to give him that much credit for the genre

I have a whole video essay written about Getting Over It and how, as a juggler, there’s no reason for me to play it for more than a few minutes.

But my last video essay which mixes game design and juggling got half the views of my normal videos, so I don’t think I’ll get round to making it.

Not really on either count? He’s literally called the game out as being inspired by Sexy Hiking, and while the style of gameplay itself is similar(manipulating a fixed point in a physics-based game), I’d say the pretty much everything else is different enough to say it’s not a rip-off.

As for the issue of credit, I don’t think it’s a hard choice who to credit between “One obscure game that basically nobody has heard of even now, which was mostly a small joke between indie devs” and “Guy whose games are literally the first well known games in this genre.” Just like how the FPS genre is often considered to have started with Wolfenstien, even though Maze War came out almost 20 years before.

Remember, if someone says “it’s a rip off of” then they only want to dismiss it or tear it down. If someone says “it was inspired by” then they probably want to point out the improvements. Both can true, as it’s merely a point of view of the observer.

If one is to steal, steal from the forgotten masters :wink:

Please see my video essay about that very topic:


It’s a high bar with you, but that was even better than I expected. It starts out good. And got better. And got better again!

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Thanks! I put a lot of work and thought into these things.

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Patreon has added a major new feature.

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The Theremin is so awesome.

Not sure if this is the best place for this, but good news is in short supply, right now.

This feels relevant in light of Qanon and the ongoing social media catastrophe.