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The tomato was too real.



“Clocks that read time via received radio signals have several advantages over their Internet-connected, NTP-synchronised brethren…”


Happy Ten years of Mysterious Ticking Noise:


I used to have a watch that relied on synchronization via radio. It was fantastic…when I took it with me to England. It was borderline useless here, it was awful at keeping accurate time without the radio signal.


Wow. Potter Puppet Pals is still around?


For those who like to stream this bundle has some interesting things. For the rest of you it has a VPN for 12 months.


Amazon finally delivers via drones.



Boyfriend put me onto the youtube channel. It is a man in North Queensland who’s hobby is making stone age tech. It is both fascinating and oddly relaxing.


Yessss! This is one of my favorite YouTube channels! I especially love the video on fire starter drills and the hut with fired clay shingles.


When he starts smelting iron, shit is getting very real.


Primitive technology has entered the bronze age already. Iron can’t be far behind. At the rate he’s going he’ll be in space in a year or two.


Detroit and Australia - two great tastes that go great together:

(Side note - No joke, Detroit is in my top three favorite US cities.)


Interesting talk about an open source video platform.


My friend wrote this, it’s pretty cool!