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Some people like to celebrate St Patrick’s Day with a bowl of Lucky Charms… I go for the pure uncut stuff.


Without the catfood part its not the same though!


Pwn2Own had its tenth anniversary this year.

You can watch the videos here or read this summary of the events.


Love it when a classic comes back into rotation.


New Brewery opened up today, about 300 meters from my place. Sweet.

They’ve currently got an Australian IPA, a Lager, a table beer, and a strong Oaked ale.



So I’m looking forward to read your drunken beer reviews.
Australian India Pale Ale, how does it differ from regular IPA?


[quote=“sK0pe, post:270, topic:36”]
Australian India Pale Ale, how does it differ from regular IPA?
[/quote]I didn’t know, so I looked it up. According to Aussie home brewers, it’s got a lot of hop flavor, it uses Australian hops specifically which gives it a more fruity, tropical flavor. Bit maltier to balance it out. Using Australian ingredients is at the least strongly encouraged, if not required.




I am legitimately concerned that I am less weirded out by this:

than I am by this:


I don’t know why this made me laugh so much.


I saw (and shared) that video on Facebook earlier today. It literally made me cry with laughter. No idea why.


I was doing fine until the card shuffling. Then I laughed out loud so hard coworkers asked what was so funny.


I didn’t laugh at all. It’s absurdist, sure, but I don’t get why you guys think it’s funny.



Rene Laloux’ 1988 animation with english subtitles


Today is Wednesday


I hate when people argue that a certain game or movie is bad because it has a political message. This is especially common in video game circles where anything diverse is considered an attack on “traditional video games.” The problem isn’t diversity, the problem is that most video game writing is awful and hamfisted which leads people who already had reactionary views to think that all diversity is detrimental. Blame the writer, not the idea.


I think generally people get up in arms because of that because they’re generally afraid of being confronted with issues in society and would rather they just don’t exist, or exist within a paradigm they’re comfortable with. The interesting thing is that they probably are interacting with these issues in media in ways they don’t notice. Usually because the approach is more nuanced and not as superficial as video games tend to be. The part I don’t know about is whether or not being subtle is always a good thing. I would argue most people are not inclined to understand a work’s themes. So the issues tackled in those works are usually lost with no impact to the consumer.