Things of Your Day


And what are you going to even find when you search for Boston porn? People having sex on the T? A scene with the Charles River in the background? A dude saying “I’m wicked hahd!” ?


A security line with metal detectors and a thorough sack check before they get started.


Bathing in Dunkin iced coffee.


The sound is messed up because the boom mic operator is late because he “goht pulled ovah tryin to bang a Uey at Hahvahd Yahd.”

They’re both wearing these caps, and yelling “Yankees Suck!” during climax.

The scene isn’t over until the female lead climaxes 6 times. Unless her partner is named Eli - he finishes first and leaves her unsatisfied.


You forgot the part where they are screaming “fahk you!” at each other every 5 minutes.


So, out of morbid curiosity, I searched Pornhub for “Boston” and mostly it’s just videos of Boston couples having sex, but the top result is " SOUTH STATION BOSTON 12-28-2018 PART 2" which is 18 seconds of a fully clothed woman walking through a train station. Over 2000 views.




Leg fetish. I’ll bet a years worth of sunday dunkies on it.

It does have a kinda creepy, “Normal Porn for Normal People” vibe to it, though.


Turns out you can tax people very lightly and make a big difference in the housing market.


NYC also needs a tax on vacant commercial real estate. You should see all the empty storefronts.





I laughed out loud.


Here is an underated panel that took place at MAGFest…on wargaming.


So, you guys know Epicurious, the YouTube channel that brings on various food experts to test their prices?


well that’s a bummer. I like their videos


They’re trying to walk it back now that the baleful gaze of the law is peering at them.


A lot of the good Internet content comes from Conde Nast. They have done a good job of taking their magazine brands and talent and moving into the digital world. They used to have offices all over the city, but they consolidated them all into the new WTC. Brad and Claire from BA test kitchen? That kitchen is in WTC. Wired magazine? Teen Vogue? The New Yorker? They even own Reddit. It’s all the same company.

It’s far from the worst offender in media consolidation, but real anti-trust enforcement would have broken this company up after it got through with the bigger fish.

Years ago they tried to recruit me and I gave 'em a big nope.