Things of Your Day



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I ain’t heard these bars in a long, long time:




I always thougt Nick Cage knew exactly what he was doing just being a crazy weirdo and calling acting.


A new Dr. Seuss book is going to be released posthumously.


With Mario Maker 2 coming here is a guy telling you who made great levels in the first version.


A really long, but excellent article about a childhood genius:

“It didn’t take long for Georgia to recognize that Jasmine was unusual. At six months she started speaking; at around nine she was reading. As a full-time student and single parent, Georgia didn’t have time to homeschool Jasmine, so she checked out piles of books, including illustrated novels and science texts, from the MSU library. By the time Jasmine was two, she could write. Even the way she carried herself—head up and back arched, like an adult with good posture—was uncanny.”


Just, holy shit. 3 million in half a day is insane.




Now waiting for Super Metroid 2P2C.


I wanted to play opening song for Nadia secret of blue water and got this instead…


Lost my pencil sharpener at work. Just a simple basic pencil sharpener. So before work I dug into a stationery drawer at home and pulled out a basic metal pencil sharpener to take to work.

For starters it’s a left handed pencil sharpener so you have to turn the pencil anti-clockwise to get it to work.

So I was intrigued by it so I looked for more information on its underside and it said “Made in West Germany”. What?

That makes it at least 28 years old!


Wisdoms of my 9-year-old niece:

“Scotch tape replaces missing talent”

“The benefit of having a dog is that if you hit a cat the dog will chase the cat” (for context, she’s talking about Minecraft here)



It’s good stuff.

White people just shouldn’t be allowed to serve in government.


Now for the jokes I can’t post to Twitter,

First, most obvious, NEVER go to Idaho, and NEVER hook up with a chick from there.

Second, don’t you just love how the bible belt loves lesbians?

Third, Wisconsin, Michigan, Hawaii, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and my home state, are super fucking lame. I’m avoiding girls from MA now. If she’s form West Virginia on the other hand…


It is The Most Boston Fucking Thing that “Boston” would be #1.