Things of Your Day


Fucking Jeopardy on Netflix ya boi.



Penn and Teller Fool Us is filming a new season in Febirary/March. Tickets are free if you want to attend. In more recent things of day topics, here is the winner of the FISM (magic pro) awards.


I know how he does half of that. I assume the other half is just really really fast and perfect sleight of hand.


I watched it the other day. It’s clearly using video editing tricks to enhance the magic and slight of hand effects. Actually posting the original video where people can see the workings of the table frame by frame is the perfect way to reveal how it some of the tricks are done, and that wouldn’t be visible on the projection, and if it was visible, then the live audience can’t rewind or watch at 0.25 speed.

Literally: don’t believe your eyes.



Yo not gonna lie George Washington in a top hat, military jacket and hakama with a bow and arrow is pretty fucking dope.


I showed it to my main discord and now they’re imagining a Souls style game set in fantastic feudal Japan/18th century America mashup, and my wife who works for a Revolutionary historical foundation is trying to get the curator to include it in an exhibit about the Revolutionary War as viewed by other countries.


The whole book is pretty good.


There’s snow!

Outside! Right now!
I’ve been looking forward to this all year!!!


Snowman season has officially begun!


It’s rather difficult to read, might have to sit and translate it. Would be a pretty big challenge though since it will be 19th Century Japanese.


I can barely make out anything that’s written outside of the text boxes. And on top of being written in old language, it’s in cursive, which only very few Japanese people I know can actually read.





Whenever anyone talks about pickles i can only think of Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie’s snapchat.

He finna jack dis pickle.



@DemoWeasel and I quote this a lot.

Repeat my mantra…


The forum software won’t let me post, “Hammmmmmm…” on its own, so I have to settle for this.


Plop the ham thusly, please.