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True, container security is something of an issue to deal with, but again, it depends on just what you’re doing and you need to do something of a risk-benefit analysis. I know of a fair number of computer security experts who use Docker for certain applications, and knowing security is literally their job.

It all goes back to using the right tool for the right job. I’ll admit that it’s certainly possible, if not likely, people are using containers when proper VMs are more appropriate due to all the hype around them. However, that doesn’t mean that containers aren’t a useful tool to have in your metaphorical tool belt for scenarios where they are actually useful. That’s also in addition to the useful skills acquired for other purposes if you take the time to learn how they work under the covers.

I really need to look up some of Bryan Cantril’s talks. I know of the stuff he’s done since then, but I really haven’t seen him or his talks since we were in college together (he was a couple of years ahead of me).


That is pretty rad. He’s one of the most entertaining speakers I’ve seen; he was a big inspiration back when I was a bit more into OSes than I am now.




Yeah, OSes were always his thing. Back in college he was one of the top undergrad OS researchers in the CS department.



Not quite a virus that hardens your system and deletes itself but I’ll take it.



I have no idea if this has been posted previously or not, but it’s pretty awesome regardless:


I’ve been trying to figure out for years if it would be possible in real life. It might be, but not with any current unmodified bike that I can think of. But who knows, maybe I’ll be the first to pull it off, that would be cool.


Relevant from a couple weeks ago.

Red Bull’s poster for the Japanese F1 Grand Prix.

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Ha! That’s awesome!


Vlogs from a candy store.



This is not a thing of my day, it will be a thing of my day in 11 days at the French Embassy. Plus it’s the right price.


Caroll Spinney, the Sesame Street actor most known for Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch, is retiring after playing the roles for 50 years. Sesame Street made a tribute to him on their YouTube channel.



I was just chatting to my girlfriend’s mother, who says she was one of the first unemployed people in East Germany after the wall fell but before unification. The East German government didn’t know what to do with unemployed people, so sent her to a course to learn CAD/CAM. This trade school in Leipzig didn’t have a computer, so she started learning with just pen and paper and copying stuff from a blackboard.

She packed that in after a few weeks and moved to Berlin, where she applied for a job at a publishing company doing data entry… despite never having seen a computer in her entire life, let alone knowing how to use one.


I can’t blame her - it’s a hard slog to learn that way. But still, respect for sticking it out even that long - My father definitely didn’t do it that tough - he was already a tradesman by that point, and did have access to computers to help learn, along with the punch-strips and the like, and still complained about how difficult it was. But definitely very much admire her attitude and gravel for just going “Alright, haven’t done this before, but I’ll do my best and go for it anyway.”


I have no words for this.