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Jesus fucking wept.


A good article on the the incorrect labeling of Trump’s foreign policy:


This…This is dedication.
This…This is Art!


Remember the Hydraulic Press channel? Its back with a sponsored video that doesn’t suck.


No whispering ghosts.


Hydraulic Press Channel never went anywhere. They have new videos constantly. I’ve watched them all.


In all the discussions of edges to cats I’ve been telling a lot of people about yahoo’s open_nsfw. I use it at work sometimes to find porn on phones and stuff.

The best use of this tech is obviously to make images “NSFW”.



This channel is strangely entertaining.



Here’s something interesting - Turns out that while they obviously didn’t use the name, Elite Dangerous’s Star Forge semi-procedural generation system reasonably accurately predicted the Trappist-1 system before it was discovered. The big difference is that the Star Forge threw in a couple of moons, and we don’t know if there’s actually moons there yet - but it got the right number, position, and reasonably accurate orbital timing of the planets.


This is super cute, it looks like they are using a custom FaceRig and either redubbing with a voice actress or the streamer is a voice actress? Doing a little research but my Japanese reading is mediocre at best.


If I had to guess, they’re running FaceRig using a custom model made in Live2D. I had looked into that sort of system for an upcoming project, but decided to just use Adobe Character Animator since I was only gonna work in simple 2D.



The Superwog team brings the authenticity again.
Australian humour that has gone unappreciated for ages, glad that it has a presence on the Internet.


Matthew Hawken!



A tribute to Bill Paxton by storm spotters.



We’ve found it–the absolute worst (er, best?) of Kickstarter pitches.