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Happy Bobby Bonilla day. (Meme orgin included)


For those who want more context…


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Looks like it’s time for me to move to Sweden.


The one warm month of the year is definitely the perfect time to move, so you will be nicely settled in when the winter and regret comes.


If I can move, I can also move back.


That’s called taking a vacation.


A Kickstarter for your consideration



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The new Humble Book Bundle is a collection from the greatest american author of all time.





I read about this once! I get why people feel like its false advertising or you don’t get as much as you think you do, but the air is mostly to cushion the chips in shipping so you don’t just have a bag of chip crumbs. That said it’s pretty funny someone went to the trouble to figure out the air/chip ratio for a a bunch of brands.


Fun facts - it’s also usually nitrogen in the bag rather than just air, so that the chips don’t go stale on the shelf.


Hmm. I thought it was mostly moisture that makes stuff go stale. Is it oxygen?


At least partially. Oxygen is pretty reactive, and can(or rather, will) react with a lot of the stuff in the chips. Filling them with nitrogen will help prevent moisture from forming, but even in a completely dry, oxygen-only atmosphere, they still go stale.