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This one is for @Rym


“The wet-plate photographic method used by European settlers served to erase this cultural marker – and as the years went by, this proved true in real life, too,”


Edit: Ya know, I just saw this again, and remembered, technically my first programming language was C. Out of the C for dummies book. I still have it, it’s pages yellowing. This was in highschool, and I never got too much further than basic debugging, but technically I’m a C programmer. I just popped it open and read the first like 15 pages. When it was written apparently Dennis Ritchie was still alive, they specifically mention the possibility of passing him on the street.



Gdq open sourced their layouts for streaming



He’s not the hero we need, but he’s the hero we deserve.




In the face of the company’s liquidation and closure, the Toys R Us mascot has been sold to a children’s hospital.



3 PAX Prime panels this year, and an assist on a 4th one. I think I have hit peak presenter at the PAX level.


I’ve been watching this at least a few times a day since it came out. This bit is pure delight.



I can’t get the trailer music from the new Warframe expansion out of my head, send help.


Me either, or as close as I get to that sort of thing. I find myself humming it from time to time. It’s not quite a Simon Viklund banger like you get in Payday 2, but it’s still real catchy. And I kinda like work songs, shanties, drinking songs, that sort of thing.


Wrestling is a silly thing:


Erloin Musk losing his shit on twitter that no one wants his child coffins.


Holy fuck did Elon seriously just reply in line to that AT BEST trying to insult one of the dudes who found the kids and assisted with the rescue by implying he’s living there for something suspect (with Thailand’s reputation in the west and the fact he’s trying to be insulting, most likely prostitutes), and at worst, a pedophile(also, sadly, part of Thailand’s reputation in the west)? On top of that, implying the reason a white person would live in Thailand is something untowards?

Jesus fucking wept.

EDIT: Oh I take it back, he’s not implying it. He’s now just outright calling the guy a pedophile, and in doing so implying the only reason a foreigner would live in Thailand is to fuck children.

Oh and of course he’s doubling down on that.