The Unofficial Convention Archive Thread

I know someone of you know this but in case others were not in the know, I have been spending my covid learning how to edit video and slowly have been collecting archival footage of conventions to eventually categorize them and have them all in one place.

I have set a goal for myself to start “phase 3” aka asking for help once I completed the PAX Prime 2012 streams. Since I am slowly getting to that point wanted to open it up for suggestions and idea on where to go from here. Open to suggestions let me know your ideas. Will throw some interesting stuffs on here on things you may want to pay attention to.

Edit: Almost forgot to mention. If you want to do me a solid sign up for Lbry here:

In short I get more credits to upload videos if you do. Even if you do not do anything else with it.


Interesting stuff: Did you know that all Pop Cap games, specifically Facebook version of Pop Cap games, uses this chart to determine the free to play economy?

Also Rym and Scott appear at 26:06 and 29:00 respectively. Scott also broke the news that PAX Australia was a thing.


The real holy grail is to get footage from old conventions. This isn’t just going to be about editing, but about digging. I’m talking like, find someone with VHS from 80s or 90s cons and do digital transfers and such.

You are absolutely correct I can not tell you how many rabbit holes I have found on conventions. The idea is to make a website for people to dump footage for me to sift. For now chasing leads via google fu to get whatever I can. I am already at 23 TB of footage.

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Working on some academic conferences now to take a break from PAX material. Wanted to highlight this since it is a good primer on Japanese music in video game soundtracks.