The Satanic Temple


Satanic Arkansas cofounder Ivy Forrester, one of the rally organisers, said: “If you’re going to have one religious monument up then it should be open to others, and if you don’t agree with that then let’s just not have any at all.”


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I thought this was a Christmas thread with an odd spin to it.

Edit: for context, this thread was originally misspelled “The Santanic Temple”


I assume it was the same Baphomet statue that visited the Oklahoma Capitol, until their supreme court ordered their Ten Commandments monument at the capitol removed.


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Would work, if you consider them equivalent


So when I first heard about TST claiming appropriation by this show, I figured they were trolling. I mean, the show itself is a ridiculous campy mashup of various occult and pagan things that bears no resemblance to any of them, so obviously nobody can take it seriously.

But then I looked at it more. The statue of Baphomet in the show is an almost identical copy of the “Baphoment Children” statue that TST commissioned, so there does seem to be something to this whole copyright infringement claim.

That really seems to cement the claim. You might be able to claim parody, but parody should punch up, not down. This seems more in the realm of imperialists stealing cultural works and claiming them for their own.

I’m still pretty sure nobody is going to confuse the trite fun garbage that is Sabrina with any serious practice, but I really see the case for litigating because it might.


I haven’t done any research into this and I’m no lawyer but it seems Netflix could cite prior art of Baphomet. But I haven’t really compared prior art of Baphomet to make any comparisons either.


I have, funny enough. The notable thing about the “Baphomet Children” statue is that prior depictions of Baphomet all show them as being hermaphroditic - drawings have pronounced breasts.

The statue is rare in that it depicts a completely male torso. So does the one in Sabrina. Combine that with the children…

My thought is that the art department Googled it, found TST’s statue, and assumed it was a depiction that had existed for a while.


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