The Satanic Temple

This is an elementary school, BTW.


This rocks. Hell yeah!

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Dammit! Not even the Church of Satan OR the Satanic Temple are free from racists and Nazi connections!? They get around everywhere!

Yeah, some more detail in this video too, though it predates the current situation. In short - Satanic Temple is really not a good organization at any level.

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The fundamental game the temple plays of challenging separation of church and state is good.

Oh, you’re going to allow religious displays in the public square? Here comes a baphomet statue!
Oh, you’re going to allow prayer in school, get ready for some dark rituals!

We need this to happen more often and in more places. It only happens in a few places here and there. I believe it would be quite effective if most attempts to introduce Christianity into a public space were confronted by some Judasim, Islam, Buddhism, Sikhism, Paganism, etc. also entering that space. If we’re not going to get all religions separated, then getting all of them integrated is a good counter-attack.

Disappointingly, The Satanic Temple that does a big show of this tactic here and there is otherwise not a good organization.

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I would even argue that even inclusive of that, it’s not a good organization, considering that they seem to primarily get into these matters for fame and profit. It is better than not at all, granted, but that’s kind of like saying a shit sandwich with crusts is better than without, because of the greater bread-to-shit ratio - technically true, but you’d still rather not eat a shit sandwich.

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