The Real Harm of Games

The Real Harm of Games
PAX East 2019

In the 80s, we were told Dungeons & Dragons would make us all satanists. In the 90s, first person shooters and Mortal Kombat were supposed to make us all murderers. Games have joined the long and storied history of books, music, movies, and television being primed to destroy us all. Thankfully, most of the fears around how games might harm us have proven false, misleading, or downright ridiculous. So what’s left? Lootboxes? What is the REAL harm of games? And what can we do about it?

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Should combine all GeekNights’ lecture into 1 super long video essay.

I don’t think Rym or Scott have the necessary YouTuber video essayist voice.

I played D&D and became a tongue in cheek Satanist.

So yes, this is an actual movie.

In high school (~2002), friends and I were printing D&D character sheets in the computer lab. The teacher/lab monitor came over and asked if we were doing “Devil-stuff.”

Rural, southern Illinois. Good times.

When someone asks if you’re doing devil-stuff you say YES.


How else will you learn the real power?

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Rym does. He did a great job with that longform Five Nights at Freddy’s video.

I only don’t make more of those because I’m busy and lazy :wink:

Jeremy and I watched this on the TV a few weeks ago. I really liked this one. It definitely starts a good conversation about how it can be harmful in many ways.

More content like this even though it’s not as popular.


Rym panel - clickbait
Scott panel - saying something

So I know that Jeremy and I have fallen for the stupid shit like Loot boxes and what not, but we stopped that. Whenever we see those at the store, while waiting in line at Joanns or something, I will kinda have a louder conversation with Jeremy about how those hidden knowledge collection for various cutesy kid shit and how it promotes children to get into gambling. I then get the most puzzling looks from that comment from normal people that shop Joanns.

It’s like they fail to realize and think that toys are all innocent for kids. People really do the bare minimum when it comes to critical thinking and it makes me sad.


Yeah, this gon’ be good.


Hopefully better than the last attempt, which was so laughably bad it could plausibly be filed under absurdist comedy.

I mean… so can like… literally everything… The number 1 is an infinite series.

Linking this here since he posses an interesting point in the 3rd story on how gore gave animators PTSD.