The Real Harm of Games

I’m finally getting around to watch this … and all I can think is man … scott’s getting a bit of a spare tire there …

Sit on the couch all winter.

Bike season is here!

Also, I usually just hang out here and listen to the podcast, the last time I’ve actually seen you guys has been quite a few years … maybe 5 ?

Can’t blame you. New York winters, man.

I biked today! Not in great shape, though.

It’s a start. Gotta un-blerg before the weather gets

Also, I gain 5-10lbs by the end of winter, and lose it all around April when I start running outside again.

So what if Scott gained weight? He knows his health does what is needed. No need to point that shit out.


Would you like to go to a FTC procedure on lootboxes? How about suggest what presentations should be mentioned?

I am sorry, it was just … shocking? Scott’s still pretty insubstantial inside my head; it’s been quite the number of years since I’ve seen, or spoken to him, in person. I know he bikes a fair amount in good weather so I figured he’d still be in the same shape.
I apologize for the loose tongue in I keep in, or don’t apparently, in my head. I did not mean to shame nor call him out.


Whoops, looks like the new Lootbox bill is shitty, and doesn’t really do what it says it aims to, just like the last one.

In short - not only is the language so broad that it will influence(and potentially ban) things like DLC for non-competitive games that don’t have lootboxes in the traditional sense(just for one example), it also doesn’t touch Cosmetic-only lootboxes, which are the more common offenders(since everyone wants to go “Our lootboxes are cosmetic only, so no gameplay influence!)”.

It’s almost like I was right when I said, back around the time of the first bill, that you don’t want people from the government who are completely ignorant on the topic, and are only doing it for votes and poll numbers, because they’ll never give enough of a fuck to actually figure out how to do it right, and will do more harm than good.

Here is some more fodder for the topic. Someone took a deep dive into reading the bill and the results are that this is a potential Trojan horse.

Is there a tl;dw on that? I would really rather read the analysis.


“actually quite ethical and quite fun” :: “I am a legitimate businessman”


Really don’t see what all the fuss is about.