The PC Building Thread

For those of you who are building a workstation for editing nvadia cards are the way to go with davinci resolve.

NVidia cards are basically the way to go for everything. :wink:

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This is technically PC building I guess.

My keyboard is many years old, but there’s nothing wrong with it. Cherry MX switches. Basically perfect. But I was getting jealous of all the people with fancy new keyboard there were looking so much nicer. So I decided to compromise and replace the keycaps on my existing keyboard.

I had heard that the PBT plastic is way better than the ABS that is normally used, and that it doesn’t get all shiny over time. My ABS keys were already looking pretty shiny. Also, colors are fun. Since my keyboard is just black, most colors would look pretty nice.

Well, after a long wait, the new caps arrived today. Wow, they are way nicer than I expected. Keyboard looks and feels absolutely brand new. The texture of the different plastic feels amazing since it’s very slightly grainy. The keys fit and work perfectly.

There are a handful of extremely insignificant downsides, but nothing worth complaining about. I highly recommend it if you have a mechanical keyboard that works perfectly, but it needs some freshening up.


You lose a point for not using Sailor Moon keycaps


Potential new build (sans video card) for a new 3D workstation.

There is a lot of future-proofing in there.

With the Ram prices going on a spike this year, I would increase the ram to the most you can get. Personally would swap the case out, but that is more of my thing otherwise looks good.

My case is the “XL” version of this Fractal Design Define 7 Black Brushed Aluminum / Steel E-ATX Silent Modular Dark Tinted Tempered Glass Window Mid Tower Computer Case -

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Pretty much what I want my next PC to be. Though by the time that I’d be able to buy a new GPU, the 4080 would be out. Probably.

How to make a CPU:
Step 1: get a rock

There’s helpful pictures too, like cutting the silicon into wafers:

Mr. Elder has some quality stuff on good website in general, too.

You would think this would have been made sooner.

My desktop PC is making some weird sounds recently, and it has been getting up there in age anyway. I am now seriously considering replacing it, but it has been a couple of years since I built my last PC, and the last one I built was just for HTPC usage.

It doesn’t have to be a monster of a machine, but I do want a desktop that is somewhat capable of playing current gen games. Any recommendations or things I should look out for?

I’m even contemplating just buying a Pre-built system to save me the hassle of going through the decision process.

The only moving parts in a computer are fans and a magnetic hard drive, if you still have any. Clean your fans and see what’s what.
Also, what are the specs of the computer you have now?

Prebuilt is the way to go pricewise anyway still even with the graphic card prices approaching MSRP finally. My sister bought a laptop from main-gear and it has been pretty nice.

I highly recommend a mobo that has m.2 chipslots for SSDs onboard (2 at least). This is the largest possible speed upgrade you can get and m.2 is really only limited by the mobo and cpu themselves instead of the sata 3/6 bandwidth limits.

Outside of fans, if you have a liquid cooling system obviously that can have pump noises and other issues esp if it’s getting older. Of course it’s highly unlikely a HTPC-type build would go this route unless one was going for something wild-style.

I recently had my 2017 built PC start to get really bad sounding. Replaced all the case fans and my GPU fans for not a lot of money at all, and now the machine is much happier overall. Temps didn’t really change but the dB certainly did.

I’m still debating whether in the next year or so, whether to just buy a new machine, build a new machine, or upgrade the obsolescent parts of my current one. It all seems to come out mostly the same, with tradeoffs to each option and the overall cost not being so significant a factor that it makes one choice obvious.

Whoahhh! What a big news to have when there’s no GeekNights for several weeks.


Wow, surprising development! My last 2 or 3 GPU’s have been EVGA cards.


A 4090 in one of these: