The PC Building Thread


I’m not sure, but I know it’s extremely common for people to buy cheaper AMD CPUs, and then use the money they saved on buying the more powerful/expensive AMD GPUs. I don’t know how often it causes issues, but I don’t hear about them often, so big shrug I guess, no idea one way or the other.


Looking for a black Friday deal on a 1050. Let me know if you spot one.


Set up an alert for


Does Reddit have an alert feature I didn’t know about, or are you suggesting I use ifttt?


Some Reddit forums have bots that will send you Reddit mail for certain conditions. Perhaps this is one of them?


Don’t know, but I did it with ifttt anyway.


Once again, I will mention that EVGA has b-stock sales on Wednesdays. Check first thing when you wake up and there’s a chance they’ll have something you need.


Thanks, I’ll put a reminder for tomorrow morning.


Hey, you were right. They had a 1050 Ti 4G on sale for the price of a 1050 2G on Amazon. Yoink.


Is there a link for this open box sale? I went looking on the site on my phone and could not find it.

#371 The “midweek madness” thing. It’s hit or miss.

Also sometimes they have sales on their official ebay store that are better than the sales on their website.

Although it looks like nothing is discounted there today beside some 10% black friday thing. I once got a new 1080 really cheap there and they mis-labled the cooler and gave me the better cooler, which was nice.


15 characters of thank you


This amuses me greatly.


I literally LOL’d


Good lord…

Thing is, it seems like G Skill and other “blingy” type component makers often also make some of the best performing components for building any sort of PCs. A lot of our dev workstations at my work have random “gamer bling” on them because those were the best performing parts available on Newegg at the time.


And on the receipt it’s Monotype Corsiva. Monotype Corsiva!


Got a 1050 for hella cheap by buying direct from EVGA on the Wednesday sale.

Paid about $100 less than this Newegg price.

I was very surprised to find that it requires no extra power connections. It just gets power from the PCIX slot and that’s it.

Also, even though the card is 9" long, it’s actually only about 6" of video card. The final few inches are all heat sink. For my HTPC, this is great.


Put 4 or 5 of these babies in your NAS.




Have they heard of rowhammer? Seems like a strange name choice.