The PC Building Thread


My first USB stick I ever had was a 512 MB drive for… $69.99. Yes that was MB not GB


I had a 16MB…


I think I got a 512MB stick for like $30 as my first stick. I later got a 2GB one as a freebie when I was laid off by my then employer (they gave them to all of us in case we had any personal files on our work computers). I also have a 32GB one I keep on my keychain as my digital toolkit/emergency sneakernet.


I’m thinking of handing my old desktop off to my grandfather. Years ago I bought him a computer, he got it online, used it a tiny bit. Then my idiot cousins and uncle somehow got it infected and then didn’t even know how to properly fix it so it ended up with a bootleg copy of windows xp (it was a windows 7 machine iirc). I don’t think that will happen again, but he doesn’t currently use the internet so I want to pre-load anything that might be helpful. On the current one he just uses it for solitaire. Any ideas for completely offline things I can load on there that would have some use?

He also always played the original Zelda repeatedly throughout his life, but his reflexes are not good enough for it anymore. I kinda wonder if there’s something his pace in that genre…


Ubuntu, Chrome, and an emulator? Harder for them to break.


I want to get/build a computer for my work where we can do photo and video editing, and perhaps some web design. Would a good graphics card be useful as part of processing photos and videos be useful, or would on board graphics get the job done? We wouldn’t be doing 4K. This is mostly for tutorials for Youtube and our website.


I would get at least something like a 770 or better. Even for non-4k, it’ll cut render times massively and allow for easier previews. (Assuming you’re using Adobe Premiere).

Onboard graphics vs any modern video card is night and day for 1080p video editing in Adobe.


Would something like this make sense?


I would not get that because it only has 4 gigs of real ram, Optane isn’t exactly the same (and works better as a cache for traditional disk space imho).


I realized that I had misread the description after posting the link. This would probably be a better choice


Yeah, that seems like a nice normal setup.


I could edit video on that just fine! It’s about on-spec with what I used at work at my previous job.

You don’t need a ridiculous beast like I have at home. That’s a damn fine video editing machine.


Thank you both for your help. I know a little about computers, but I wanted practical advice before i present this to my boss. We don’t make purchases like this often.



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Hey guys… a quick question. I have a 7700k oc to 5.2 ghz and I am currently using gigabyte rx 480 8gb with it. I know its a very mediocre gpu and I am planning to go with Asus Rog strix 1080 Ti 11GB 352 bit OC edition.

One question… Should I also get a 8700k? Will it improve anything or should I just get a gpu only?


RGB all the way!

My PC shines like it too :grinning:


Start with the GPU. If you decide its not cutting the bacon then swap the chip. But if you don’t have a compelling reason, then maintain what you have got.

Looking at benchmarks a 7700k is not very much behind a 8700k other than where the 2 cores make a difference.


This might be a little controversial around here, since so many people are hard team blue/green on the matter, but I’d suggest going AMD if possible. They might be the weaker of the two major options for gaming(though lately, that’s a much closer race if not outright debatable) but for those kinds of workloads, depending on the hardware you get, you’re looking at about a 28%-30% decrease in render times and similar workloads over the equivalent Nvidia/Intel machines.


I’m definitely pro Ryzen. I have no real experience with AMD graphics for PC other than my brother had a Radeon years ago and also was the only one having driver issues.

I would say going Christmas colors build is a fairly reasonable value to performance to reliability option. Going all-red in my mind means there might be occasions where compatibility of drivers and certain programs is more of a risk on the graphics side. But that could be old thinking nowadays.