The PC Building Thread


I use to have issues like these but I made sure to get a case where all fan intakes had dust filters and those can just be popped out and cleaned in a few minutes as a monthly chore.

Nice cable organisation though!


Thanks! I’ve been actually ruminating on getting a nicer case because I’ve got a shit ton of 12V RGB light sticks that I took off of my bike and I’d love to implement. My computer is quiet enough now (new hard drives, new fans) that I don’t actually NEED to stick it behind and below my desk. Kinda wanna show of my handiwork.


The time to buy a Pascal GPU…


So im getting ready to drop between 1000-1200 on mobo/cpu/ram, probably 2 weeks from now.

Any non-obvious reasons yall see that I shouldn’t be smashing the Ryzen 1800x buy button when the time comes?


I don’t trust that shit, but let us know how it works out.


Ryzen Jotaro.

I’ll see myself out.



My new desktop lives. So many games to try in ultra high-def mode. Once I had all of the parts assembled the thing powered on like a dream.


My man, I recently got Core i7 7700, 16 GB DDR4 RAM, 480 SSD Primary HD, 2 TB SSHD, Asus x270 board, Corsair 650 Power supply, Gigabyte Radeon Rx 480 8 GB GPU. Corsair PC Casing.

It’s an unbranded pc and I assembled it. Cost me total $1245.

OS Windows 10.

Security: ESSET 1 year plan.


I am looking to get a new computer at the start of May and I have been looking at the local computer shops to price up a one. I found a one which seems a reasonable price for my budget but I want to know if there is anything wrong with getting something like this.

I know the gforce 1060 3GB isn’t the most powerful graphics card but I am not going to be streaming/recording/video editing and not playing anything much more graphically intensive than Overwatch (and maybe the New Quake.) Also just making it up on there now - the price in store is £950 and the parts just on here are £940 so paying the extra £20 or so to get it built for me is worth it.


No Newegg in UK?


[quote=“Apreche, post:31, topic:327, full:true”]
No Newegg in UK?
[/quote]Nope. Newegg is US only, or next best thing to - when Newegg does ship overseas, the shipping costs make it expensive enough that it’s usually worth just buying local anyway.

Novatech, Aria, Ebuyer, Scan and Dabs tend to be the popular UK sites. Amazon too, but less so, they tend to be a bit more expensive. And if you’re curious, Umart, PC Case Gear, ScorpTech and MSY are the players here, almost nobody buys from newegg, though I expect Amazon to make a big inroads when they launch here in September.


If I ran Newegg, I would definitely try expanding to Europe. Wouldn’t the competition just be crushed?


[quote=“Apreche, post:33, topic:327, full:true”]
If I ran Newegg, I would definitely try expanding to Europe. Wouldn’t the competition just be crushed?
[/quote]I hate to say it, but it happens a lot. American companies tend to fail at seeing the potential of most markets outside of the US, or just exploit them to the point where nobody wants to use them. There’s a handful of companies that do - Amazon and Netflix, for two examples - but most treat non-US markets as an Afterthought, if that.

There’s even entire cottage industries based entirely around providing US shipping addresses, where they get packages, re-address them, and re-ship them to give people outside the US access to US vendors.


In my experience, a lot of the reason US companies stay out of Europe is to avoid any European jurisdiction or regulations.


Just make a brand new company called EuroEgg that follows the EU rules. Don’t let them touch AmericaEgg.


Well they might be able to sell in the UK without them problems in 2 years and 8 days time.

I did try to price it up on newegg - and it is around £900 with the shipping included.


If you can spare/save another £170, you might be better served with a 1070 8GB. Having that will give your system more life over the long term.


Occasionally it’s worth getting stuff from US Amazon, I got my Nvidia GTX980 on release for half the price (even with shipping included) and a Samsung 850 at a heavy discount with extra games and what not. The 980 then later increased in price both in the US and in Australia and didn’t drop to the special price I got it for till the 1000 series came out so it’s best to keep an eye out.


Monitors. I currently have a 4k ultrasharp and an old-and-busted 22" secondary. Looking at upgrading to 4k ultrasharp and new-hotness secondary.

24" is a good size, but I’m not married to it. I think > 60Hz would be nice. What’s the best stuff out there right now?