The New Forum beta test - complaints and suggestions

You can unpin any pinned thread for yourself permanently.

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Well, unless it’s a user-toggle option, that’s pretty useless. That’s just a theme setting, not quite what I’m looking for.

Yes! :full_moon_with_face:

Seems interesting, I thought the font for this forum was smaller than the Vanilla one but it’s the same. I think the thread titles and thread sub-title might be too small and / or not enough white space, otherwise shouldn’t take long to get acquainted with.

It’s pretty white but only if I have it full screened

Is it possible to make the drop-down to show replies more visually distinct?

Thread titles require at least 15 characters. Is there a way we can get rid of that requirement?

Yes, that actually is a setting. Just don’t make stupid threads.

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I like that pinned threads unpin after viewing.


For real. Now they just sink on down like any other thread. And you can just unpin them too.

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Is there a capacity for themes? All this white and thin fonts are a bit of a pain. Maybe a dark theme?

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My only wishlist item is a way to hide or ignore threads.

You can:


Goodbye wrasslin’ and car enthusiasm!

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As I understand it, there is a dark theme but not for individual users, it’s all or nothing, which is basically the same as there not being one.

If you use Chrome, there’s a night mode extension that works on all websites that might do what you need (it mostly just inserts dark colors into the CSS of the page).

Just found this out. When I linked a dailymotion video it kept auto-playing the video in the post. Which I guess is a feature but I could see how that could be very annoying. I couldn’t find any option to turn it off. So I just made it a link instead of it having showing the embedded video.

I can not change anything in my user profile. I get a page that says “Oops! This page doesn’t exist or is private”.

I’m beginning to think that this installation of Docker has some sort of caching that they are not telling us about. This means that some things just take awhile. When I first checked @adam profile was definitely 404. Now it seems to work. I did nothing other than wait for it.

I just added custom fields to everyone’s profile where you can put your Twitter, Steam, and IDs. They didn’t actually show up until minutes after I added them.

If anyone has suggestions for other fields I should add, let me know. These fields also appear on the registration form, but are not required. They will appear on your public profile if you set them.

I also added the field for “reason for joining this forum”. Unlike the other fields, this is required on registration. However, because Discourse is stupid, it’s also required you put something there if you edit your profile. Don’t worry, that field is not visible on your public profile like the others. Just put whatever.

New users on the registration form should obviously put something in that field that lets me know they are a real person wishing to join the community, and not some bot.

I appear to be able to edit thread titles, and it shows up for other people (see the “Tesla Technologies” thread, which I renamed from “Elon Musk.”)

Is this on purpose? Have I been gifted powers unsuitable for the general plebians? Or is this one of those “trust” benefits I saw mentioned?

Yes. This forum has these stupid trust levels that we really don’t like. I don’t know how much of their workings is visible to the general user. You can read more about it here:

Trust level 3 is the highest trust level that can be reached without an admin manually granting you a higher level. At trust level 3, which you have reached, you gain the ability to recategorize and rename topics.

I tried to remove that ability, but I can not find such a setting. The only solution I can see would be to push all users at level 3 down to level 2 and then change the requirements for level 3 so it could not be reached. For now, let’s just see how it goes. Anyone who reaches trust level 3, please use your power responsibly.

All you dirty reds and oranges better trust the computer. Anyone who doesn’t is probably a dirty communist. So says ultraviolet Scott.