The Collapse of Right-Wing "News"

Whenever a headline regarding right-wing media pops up, I’ve been having trouble deciding which thread to put them in since there are so many that relate to the topic, so I’m starting a more focused thread to make it easier for us.

Right-wing media outlets have been facing legal punishments lately, and it’s been pretty glorious.

OANN - Dropped by every major carrier…almost. GCI is the only one left carrying it.

Fox News - Losing advertisers quickly thanks to the Check My Ads campaign. Also, their status as a reputable source has been dropped from Green to Red by NewsGuard.

Breitbart - CEO Steve Bannon has been hit with two guilty charges of criminal contempt.

InfoWars - Alex Jones has to pay $49.3 million to the families of Sandy Hook. IW’s parent company also filed for bankruptcy.

Anything else I missed? Are there any other companies going through the grinder?

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Can probably add the NRA to that list as well.

They’re not really a news outlet, and we have a Gun Control thread.

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ah yes. my bad.

The checkmyads thing is legit and effective? I’m signing up now.

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