The Collapse of Right-Wing "News"

This has less to do with his website and more with Trump’s biggest campaign promise, but still…November 2023 feels waaaaaaaaay too late.


AAhhhh, that warms the cockles of my cold, cold, heart.

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So, I guess Kanye West is buying Parler?

Also, this is just a fail.

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Possible that Dinesh D’Souza could see some consequences for his lies?
The Texas AG has requested the FBI and IRS investigate the group behind the election conspiracy documentary film “2000 Mules”. Apparently, if you make a film claiming that you possess tons of evidence of serious crimes, but you refuse to turn that evidence over to law enforcement, you might be in trouble. And if your non-profit raises funds based on that non-existent evidence you might be in more trouble. Go figure.

Alex Jones’ price tag just shot up. Again.