The Best Game You Can Name (Ice Hockey)


Wait wait. They get money from the NHL? Does the NBA pay for USA Basketball too? Why are they always fighting about not letting players go to international competition if it’s something they are paying for?


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Wait wait. They get money from the NHL? Does the NBA pay for USA Basketball too? Why are they always fighting about not letting players go to international competition if it’s something they are paying for?
[/quote]Yes, some, but not a titanic amount(by their standards), and a fair chunk of it goes to the USA Hockey National Team Development Program(which a number of notable NHL players have come up from, including Jack Eichel). They don’t really interact that much, but I’m sure you can understand how their support is a mutually beneficial arrangement.

I’m sorry, I thought you meant “Hockey in the USA”, not the actual organization “USA Hockey”, which I only found out existed about eight minutes ago. Tropical type person here, I’m kinda picking it up as I go along.

But from what I can tell, the reason she’s talking to USA hockey is because they have practically no spend on women’s hockey at any level, including their development programs, youth leagues, or really any other part. Further investigation suggests they have the money to pay for it, but prefer to put that money into men’s hockey and development over women’s hockey.


One figure thrown around is that USA Hockey has a 3.1 million dollar fund for developmental of mens U18 talents. No such fund exists for women.

Another thing I did not know and find gross is that for the jersey unveiling for the Sochi Games, they only invited mens players and no women even though the womens team was using the same uniform. I believe at either the unveiling or associated with the jersey directly there was a listing of every time the U.S. won gold in the olympics. 1998 was suspiciously left off that listing.


First Vesey now Lettieri.

Are you a rookie free agent? NYC (or Hartford) is apparently the place to be.


The Red Wings playoff streak is officially dead.
Unfortunatelyit is also almost impossible for the Flyers to make it :frowning:


That’s a shame.

Rangers Habs, here we go! But will I get tix?


The last time Detroit was not in the playoffs, Jagr was not in the NHL. They missed it in 1990. He was drafted later that same year.


Thus ends the era of my entire sentient life as a hockey fan knowing that the Red Wings would always be in the playoffs no matter what.

At least I got to see four Stanley Cups in that time, and a lot of the big playoff games at the Joe in 97 and 98.


Of course the Flyers beat the tar out of the Penguins and now the Islanders when it no longer really matters. Hopefully the offseason brings about a coaching change and next year we have a revamped defense, and they can retain Mason.


Flyers sign Hobey Baker Award finalist Mike Vecchione. Hopefully he will be better than Jimmy “26 points” Vesey :stuck_out_tongue:

Also Patrik Elias is retiring.


NHL will not make a break in schedule and send players to the Olympics next year, and apparently not for Beijing 2022 either. I can already see a bunch of players just going AWOL.


Tonight is a real important Rangers game. If they play like they did in game four, it’ll be some good hockey.

Rooting for the Leafs over the Caps, but I have respect for both of them.

I’m really enjoying Nashville crushing the Hawks from their wildcard spot.


I’m going to try to get the rangers game going in a room if anyone wants to join.

Here’s the link


I’m down, but if the quality or reliability is a problem. I’m bailing.


Check out the guy with the Habs suit.

Then check out the guy with the red finger, and also a finger on his other hand.


Boston RIP

Bring it Ottawa.

Sorry Brassard.


Holy crap, I never thought I would see the day but for once the Flyers actually were lucky. They jumped a whole 11 spots in the draft and will pick 2nd overall. New Jersey still will pick 1st but whatever. Dallas will pick 3rd. I feel kind of bad for the Avs and Vancouver because both fell three spots Then again I actually kind of dislike both franchises for one reason or another so meh.


Dang man that is how the ping pong balls bounce.


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Bring it Ottawa.
[/quote]Why did you tell them to bring it? They brought it. Now it’s here…


They didn’t bring it yet. They’re bringing it on Tuesday.