The Best Game You Can Name (Ice Hockey)


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What a headline.

The accusation is pretty obviously BS buy a guy trying to stir up shit. Most evidently by the call by the guy starting out with him first complaining that in the photo session Gritty didn’t pose properly, before moving on to the obviously less important matter of Gritty supposedly having punched his kid full-force with a running start.

C’mon Seattle Kraken

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Seattle Fishy Fish

If you missed the NWHL All-Star game, you can watch the VOD on Twitch. It’s in three pieces.

Jay Bouwmeester of the St. Louis Blues suffered a hard attack during a game tonight, collapsing on the bench. He is now awake and in a hospital, but the game was postponed. Shades of Rich Peverly who suffered a similar incident a couple of years ago and never played again. Best wishes and a full recovery, I hope.

The Hurricanes lost both of their goaltenders to injury tonight. They were visiting the Leafs so their only option was to use the emergency backup goaltender that the arena provides, a 42-year-old zamboni driver named David Ayres who had a kidney transplant in 2004. He had to play with equipment from the Leafs minor league affiliate. He was in net for 28 minutes and 41 seconds. And the Hurricanes fucking won!


Hurricanes legend David Ayres:

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Yo. Diversity.

@Andy you hype?!

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5 games is unbelievable. I guess I also have to extend some thanks as a Flyers fan. At some point the Flyers trailed the Capitals by 14 points. Thanks to the Rangers beating the Caps in OT tonight, and the Flyers beating the Hurricanes (after recently beating the Rangers twice and yesterday smothering the Capitals), the Flyers and Capitals are now tied with the exact same record atop the Metro division, 40-20-7. The Caps are technically ahead in the tiebreaker due to having an additional win in OT rather than the shootout, but what can you do. The Flyers are on an 8 game win streak, scoring at least 4 goals in each of those games.

I guess the boys are in a collective good mood. This made ma smile:

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Flyers had their team photo day today. Oskar Lindblom is currently out of the lineup because he is undergoing treatment for Ewing’s Sarcoma, but he was healthy enough to do the photo.

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NHL season officially on hold.

It will be interesting to see where different players go to wait it out. Depending on where they live and where the virus is spreading.