“14 items from your wish list are on sale”
I guess the summer sale is going. How this thing has changed.

Despite my backlog of dozens of unplayed games, I’m kind of feeling the sale this time. I want something new to break out of my CSGO/Overwatch/Rocket League rut.

Basically only one thing on my list on good enough sale to justify buying with the backlog, and it’s 75% off and I’m still hemming and hawing.

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“14 items from your wish list are on sale”
[/quote]I’m up to 32(of 43) wishlist items on sale. But not a hell of a lot that’s down to a tempting enough price, unfortunately.

The 1/15 isn’t on sale because it’s not out yet. Gaben I want bigger discounts, not more.

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The 1/15 isn’t on sale because it’s not out yet. Gaben I want bigger discounts, not more.
[/quote]All the stuff that’s on huge discount that I would have bought, I already bought at a huge discount last sale.

According to my steam library, I have played Pac-Man CE:DX+ for 5 hours, and last played in 2013. My suspicion is that both of those are wrong. Do the numbers reset if you install on a different machine?

No, but sometimes the monitor doesn’t seem to attach, or attaches and unattaches.

i guess playing Puyo Puyo Tetris did some horrible things to my recommendations.


Steam Stream now streams outside your house.

“Close to a steam data center” Where are the Steam data centers?

The Library list in the client is updated. First time in… I actually can’t remember it ever being updated before.

You can check under Steam Settings > Download > Download Region

Pretty much just for Software and VR, and only to add those entries.

Steam sale is going. Between Slay the Spire and BRotN, I think I’m going to pick up a new game. Any reason to go for one or the other first?

Alien: Isolation is less than 2€ (-95%) right now.


Oooh, I might jump on that.

ThNks. Bought. I’ll save it for whenever.

If for some reason you ever need to buy another video game again in your life after getting in on the bundle, the Steam Summer Festival is happening now.

You can now remote play together with someone even if they don’t have a Steam account. They just need the Steam Link app.

I’m doing a lot of work on the GeekNights Steam group. I even setup the Steam curator page and such.